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Гостиница в центре Петрозаводска
Скидки в гостиницах, отелях и хостелах Петрозаводска


A loyalty card, which is issued to every guest upon check-in, will allow you to visit the best cafes and restaurants of Petrozavodsk, order food in your room, and use taxi services with a 10% discount. The list of partners participating in the loyalty program is constantly updated.

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tours and guided tours

A large selection of one-day guided tours (groups and individuals), weekend tours, and tickets. To book a guided tour and for more information, please call +7-991-383-23-89 (Anastasia) or ask the administrator of the hotel.



Duration: 12 hours. Rates: from 2,800 rub./person.

Duration: 7-8 hours. Rates: from 2,000 rub./person.

Mount Sampo, Marcial Waters, Girvas, Waterfall Kivach, Assumption Church.

Mountain Park Ruskeala. Waterfalls.


The hotel takes care of buffet breakfast, which is already included in the rates. You can also order the delivery of lunch and dinner at a special discounted price from our partners. Ready-made hot meals and snacks, lunches, pizza, sushi, burgers, pies, drinks, etc. In the hall there is a coffee machine and a refrigerator with various drinks that you can buy.


Guided tour of the ethnographic museum.

Duration: 4-6 hours. Rates: from 2,100 rub./person.

Duration: 3 hours. Rates: from 1,500 rub./person.

On a visit to Talvi Ukko.



Duration: 6 hours. Rates: from 3,500 rub./person.