on about. Kizhi on a boat

The main attractions of the island are, of course, the “summer” Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the “winter” Church of the Intercession, the hipped bell tower and the fence surrounding them.


All together they form a single ensemble "Kizhi Pogost", which is unique in the whole world. It is located in the southern part of the island, for the sake of which tourists mainly come, visiting the island for the first time. The word "pogost" in this case means the administrative district. It is the objects of the Kizhi Pogost that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are other buildings on the island that are very interesting for both adults and teenage children.

The amazing and mysterious island of Kizhi is a place that has become a real symbol of the skill and talent of the architects of the Russian North.

Most of us are accustomed to pronouncing the word "Kizhi" with an emphasis on the second syllable, however, philologists and local residents argue that the pronunciation of the name of the island with an emphasis on the first syllable is the orthoepic correct option.

In addition to the historical and architectural museum, there are three villages on Kizhi Island - Kizhi, Vasilyevo and Yamka. Each of them has only two or three yards, but this does not prevent them from attracting tourists every year - such landscapes and such a unique peasant flavor cannot be found anywhere else in the world.




mountain park + waterfalls


On a visit to Talva Ukko  

Visit to the sled dog kennel  

+ deer farm



  Excursion to the ethnographic museum


Waterfall "Kivach"

Mount Sampo,   Martial waters, Girvas, Kivach waterfall.